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Nytt projekt

Under 2019 utvärderas Hälsan spelar roll i flera LSS-verksamheter i Stockholms län. Projektet drivs av Akademiskt primärvårdscentrum (APC) i Region Stockholm. 

Om projektet

Lära om hälsa

Hälsan spelar roll är en kurs för personer med insats enligt LSS. Kursmaterialet består av 37 lektioner och kursledare är personal i daglig verksamhet och gruppbostad.

Om kursen


Till dig som är kursledare. Välkommen till Hälsan spelar roll - en hälsokurs för personer med LSS-insats. Du får tillgång till materialet när du gått de tre webbseminarierna.

För kursledare
What is CRAFT BEER – in easy words.

In other words, Kraft beer is definitely any beer generated in a small as well as also independent brewery utilizing traditional creating innovations and likewise making use of the best top quality active ingredients.
Lately, the style for special in addition to high-quality beer has actually led to the truth that tiny personal breweries have begun to turn up in almost every basically significant city. Regularly such little breweries are incorporated with bars, where the things are really offered. Ultimately, this trend has actually located a desirable action from genuine fanatics of this remarkable envigorating beverage. The fact is that with the expanding range of exclusive breweries, the series of preferences has really expanded significantly, as well as rather the top quality of beer itself has in fact boosted (competitors and all that).
A couple of words pertaining to the manufacturing of CRAFT BEER.

Discussing the manufacturing of craft beer, first of all we want to note its most important element, namely top-notch, rather than dependancy on automation. Generally, such beer is made by real fans and additionally experts of their organization, that are not good to go to jeopardize high quality in order to reduce the price of production. Certain rate of interest is paid to both the ingredients in addition to the procedure of creating and additionally expanding beer. Quite often manufacturers trying numerous series of dives as well as malt to obtain an unique taste of beer brewed according to the author’s meal. Therefore, we as customers can appreciate brand-new flavors as well as pick for ourselves particularly what you like.
What is the distinction in between CRAFT BEE and also why it is far much better to drink it.
The best craft beer can be bought
FIRST. As pointed out previously, to begin with CRAFT BEER. varies from mass-produced beer in its high quality. Every special brewery values its credibility and also tries to make its thing much better.
OTHER. Preference is just one of the largest advantages of craft beer. With personal breweries in your city, you no more need to be pleased with merely the regular tastes that huge breweries supply. You can choose as well as value the full variety of preferences of this great envigorating drink.
THIRD. Frequently, it’s saving money on alcohol. The truth is that the common alcohol material by amount in industrially generated beer is from 4% to 6%. At the same time, craft beer is not limited by inflexible frames, and also generally, it is regularly a lot more effective. Worrying 5% to 10%. There are ranges in which the alcohol product rises to 40%. So, to get drunk (if that’s what you call for), you need to consume alcohol a much smaller amount of beer. And likewise indeed, obviously, don’t disregard that alcohol misbehaves for your wellness
FOURTH. Incidentally, pertaining to wellness. Given that craft beer is made from all-natural as well as high quality things, without the enhancement of side ”chemical” parts such as stabilizers etc, it has a much better result on the body. As an example, the adhering to scientific components were found among those that take into account craft beer in contrast to mass:
Lower rates of cardiovascular disease;
Improved bone density as a result of the visibility of bone-developing element, silicon;
Decreased hazard of issues such as joint inflammation;
A boost in the degree of high-density lipoproteins has really been taped, which aids to decrease cholesterol levels.
FIFTH. Regional economic situation. When you drink beer made in a little regional brewery, you leave cash in location, which enhances the economic climate of your area/ city. It frequently takes place that the bartender, that places you an extra cup of foam in the evening, is the same maker that made this beer. So why not maximize this determined man and likewise the product he makes. He is his really own